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Dillon Jay is an international styling firm based in the United States that encompasses large scale editorial, commercial, and celebrity clients.

Our clients & brands are always front row, being provided extended media coverage on: the CW Network, ABC, NBC, CNBC, America's Next Top Model, Perez Hilton, The Huffington Post, and other successful media channels.

Since it's inception in 2008, Dillon Jay has helped highlight both clients & brands in international press in over six million magazine issues worldwide. 




Meet the Team


Dillon Jay

Fashion Stylist/Creative Director

Dillon Jay got his start in fashion almost by accident. Known previously for writing music, it wasn't until one of his songs played on the Ellen DeGeneres show that it caught the attention of a set of famous designers in New York. They invited him to come visit their New York Fashion Week show and the rest is history.

Since then, he has lent his talent to some of the largest players in the fashion industry including Alexander McQueen and Chanel. His work has sparked international coverage for brands and clients alike, providing content for magazines and online media with viewership in the millions. It's no wonder that celebrities, brands, and even other celebrity stylist's come to Dillon Jay first for what to wear next. 

His work has been lauded by InStyle Magazine as "bold, modern, and decisively stylish".




  Erika Davis

  Style Assistant, Midwest Markets

 Erika started at Dillon Jay after assisting on a commercial project and has been with ever since. She can be found organizing, steaming garments, and keeping Dillon on schedule.

Erika's favorite must have items are her Alexander McQueen bag and Emporio Armani shoes.





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